Sunday, May 25, 2008

Celtics finally win a road game, despite being exposed

The Boston Celtics lead from start to finish last night and finally looked like the Celtics we saw during the regular season. The only problem was, the Pistons exposed the two weaknesses that I pointed out in my first blog last week. What's amazing, is how long it took a team to do just that. These coaches, and their staffs, get paid millions of dollars to study film and figure out a game plan of attack. Until last night, no one (except me, of course) had figured it out! Doc Rivers is the worst "in-game" decision making coach in the league and Rajon Rondo is not a point guard.

With about 4 minutes to go in the third quarter, Flip Saunders decided to try something new (and all it took was a 20 pt deficit). The Pistons ran a basic 1-2-2 half court trap and Rondo looked like he had never seen one of those before. The first time down he dribbled right into the trap and turned the ball over. Next time down he decided to dribble through the trap and attempt to score, only to run over a Piston defender who was waiting to take a charge. It only got worse from there. Time after time, Rondo would dribble into the trap, jump in the air and throw a cross-court rainbow pass, or make some other horrendous decision. The worst part about it was, Doc NEVER changed a thing! He didn't substitute , he didn't call a timeout, he didn't even put anyone in the middle of the court (first thing you learn in junior high basketball is get the ball to the middle of the court), he didn't do anything!

I look for the Pistons to consistently change defenses next game and confuse the crap out of both Doc and his great point guard Rondo (this technique is something high school coaches use because it seems to trick high school point guards and coaches). I can't wait for them too zoom in on Doc's face, when game 4 spiraling out-of-control, because the Pistons decided to run something other than a man-to-man defense. His clueless, but pretending to be upset and focused, look is priceless (see photo).


Jay-Nice said...

Your right.. Rondo did look pitiful when he was getting trapped.. Once again you can not blame Doc Rivers for that. Rondo has been hearing not to dribble into the trap all of his life I am sure. He did not get to the NBA just by chance. At this stage of his basketball career Rondo should know to keep the ball in the middle of the court. Ill make the excuse for him and say he was caught up in the intensity of the Eastern Conference Finals.. ( IT HAPPENS)We also have to take in consideration that Detroit is a darn good team, that plays extremely great defense. So before you continue to bash Doc Rivers and Rondo give the Pistons a lil credit first.

yezzir said...

First of all...If you're in the league, you don't "forget" to not dribble into a trap. And second of all...If Doc is so good, why the hell did he leave the kid in for such a long time?? He has a point guard on the bench who's been breaking traps for 18 years. It's a no-brainer!

Jay-Nice said...

Cassell is like 100 yrs old now. Rondo has younger legs and push the ball alot faster. And you of all people should know that the only way a person gets better is to play through their faults. Doc giving Rondo a chance to grow through his mistakes. By doing so Rondo and the Celtics will benefit from it down the road.

yezzir said...

If he keeps "giving him a chance to grow," he's gonna have plenty of time grow in about a week. A whole summer's worth of growth!!