Thursday, May 29, 2008

Celtics' talent wins again

I had been looking forward to a Celtics-Lakers final for a while now, but after the last two games, I don't think I can watch Rondo and Doc do their best to throw games away anymore. Sitting there and watching last night's game was, quite possibly, the most frustrating experience of my entire life.

Why bring in a NBA veteran point guard who has proven himself time and time again if you're not going to play him? Rondo is, at best, a back-up point guard who can bring some energy off the bench when needed. He's great when the Celtics are up and the Pistons are coasting and there's absolutely no pressure on him, but God forbid if the Pistons happen to play a little defense and turn up the pressure!For those of you who have always wondered exactly what the phrase "looks like a deer in headlights" means, pause the tivo on Rondo's face when the game is on the line and urine is dripping down his thigh.

The worst thing about this whole situation is the infamous Doc Rivers refuses to take him out. If you want him to learn and get better, then take him out and calm him down! It's like Doc is trying to prove that his way is better than the obvious and easy way. Coaching, in the NBA, isn't brain surgery. These guys have been playing ball their whole life and they've seen it all. If a kid isn't performing, take him our and put someone in who will.


Anonymous said...

That is so true!

Craig Bezares

yezzir said...

You hear that Jay-Nice?? Finally someone else knows what they're talking about!

Jay-Nice said...

Yezzirr.. You really feel like Cassell should be in the game. 1st thing he is a liability on defense he doesn't have the speed to guard Billups at this stage of his career. The last thing that the Celtics want to do is give BIG SHOT Billups a chance to heat up and be offensively agrressive. Rondo does a decent job on challenging Billups shots and staying in front of him

On the offensive end, Rondo does miss a few too many layups. He also throws passes that "ALMOST" gets stolen when trapped. In the very same game Rondo had about 14 assists doing exactly what u said he should do, feeding the BIG 3. I think your jus bias towards him and gives him no credit when he deserves it

yezzir said...
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Craig said...


Craig Bezares