Friday, May 30, 2008

Kobe takes over, again, as the Lakers close out the series in 5

This NBA season is over! Congratulations to the Los Angeles Lakers, your 2008 World Champions. After the Celtics close out the Detroit series tonight (only because Chauncey's been hurt and now Rip has a sprained elbow), they might not win another game. The Celtics "Big 3" are great and unselfish and a joy to watch, but they have ZERO help. As a matter of fact, they have whatever the opposite of help is. I guess you could say the Celtics "Big 3" has zero help and a lot of "hurt!" It's tough to win with NO point guard on the floor and a coach who has no clue what he's doing.

The Lakers, on the other hand, are a complete team and there is no stopping them. They have the Superstar (Kobe), the Inside Presence (Pao), the rare Do-It-All guy who can actually score (Odom), the Veteran Point Guard who's been there before (D. Fish) and a slew of young guys, who bring energy off the bench, and are just happy to do their part because they still enjoy the "game" of basketball and are all about winning (not money).

Kobe has reached a point in his career where, I honestly believe, he just wants to win. Last night, with a few minutes left in the 4th quarter, Kurt Thomas bullied Lamar Odom for an offensive put back to cut the lead to 2, which infuriated Kobe! Instead of pouting and yelling at Odom, Kobe hit a floater, followed by a ridiculous fade-away (both with 7'0 Tim Duncan right in his grill), followed by a driving lay-up in traffic, which resulted in a Spurs timeout, the game being over, and an ass-ripping of Lamar Odom, during the timeout. I hate to say it (and believe me, I absolutely, positively hate saying what I'm about say), but it reminded me of the "GPE" in his hay-day. If Kobe continues to play with this fire, there is no stopping the Lakers. And for the record, Jordan's supporting cast doesn't even compare to Kobe's.


Jay-Nice said...

Yezzirr.. If it is ever 1 thing I can agree with you on, is that KOBE is the best thing since (Ill use ur abbreviation of HIM) the "GPE" retired. The way Kobe took the game over towards the end of the game was VERY ******ish.. Kobe refused to lose. His intensity and fire was so fierce he actually woke me up to the pt I was sitting up in bed, mouth gaspin. Kobe is Kobe enough said, like TO says "tune in," when the Lakers play in the FINALS.